Left to right:
Ed - Brad jacket/ Amanda - Frank cape/ Amy - Lavender suit
Richard - Corset & gloves/ Jarret - Rocky briefs

Gayle of the cast Divine Decadence (Las Vegas)
Winner of Best Frank at Midnight Insanity's Cirque Du Rockiel (30th Anniversary - Las Vegas 2005),
Queens of the Desert (Tuscon 2006), and M.I.'s Pirates of Transylvania (Long Beach 2007)
Corset, cape, gloves, pearl necklace, garterbelt, rhinestone anklet & platform shoes.

Jeff - Corset & garterbelt
Erich - Rocky Briefs
Winner of Best Rocky at The Un-Toucha-Touchables RH convention (Chicago 2006)

Richy of Home of Happiness
Corset & platform shoes